Museum of Arts & Sciences: New Wing in FL

The Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building contains extensive shelving, flat files, furniture racks, and sliding art racks behind glass.

There is a large focus on the Museum’s Napoleonic collection, unique to the state of Florida.

Ninety percent at least of the Napoleonic items were purchased and later donated by Kenneth Worchester Dow.

Many of the objects including the early 19th-century mahogany bed was made for the Palace of Versailles.

The Roman-inspired Gladius sword was designed by Napoleon’s Court Painter Jacques-Louis David.

One of the stand out pieces is an extremely rare length of blue and gold silk damask decorated with the initial ‘N’ and Shields by Grand Freres, woven by the Lyons Royal workshops.

This was personally ordered by Napoleon for the Salon of the Meudon Palace, summer residence of the King of Rome, Napoleon’s son.

Museum of Arts and Sciences
352 S. Nova Road
Daytona Beach, Florida

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