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US: Delaware City, DE – Participate in a Paranormal Investigation at Fort Delaware State Park

Join the Diamond State Ghost Investigators and park staff for a three-hour adventure in paranormal investigation.fort-delaware-haunted-prison

Fort Delaware, the Union fortress dating back to 1859, once housed Confederate prisoners of war. Throughout history, quite a number of people have encountered paranormal  experiences at the prison. It is believed that the spirits that haunt Fort Delaware are a direct result of the  suffering and violence that was sustained there.

Participants witness and take part in actual investigations of the haunted prison located on Pea Patch Island using electronic magnetic field detectors, data recorders, and temperature sensors visiting areas where paranormal activity has been reported.

October 29 from 9:30pm-2:30am – For hard-core ghost hunters only, participate on Halloween to take part in a five-hour investigation of Fort Delaware, in which you are a key part of the investigative team. What better way to scare the bajeebers out of you.

Participants must be 13 years old or older and should arrive 30 minutes prior to boat departure to check in at the Fort Delaware dock, 45 Clinton Street, Delaware City DE 19706. Tickets sell fast due to high demand, so book early!

Location: Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island, Delaware City, DE 19706
( Fort Delaware State Park is accessible only by ferry, leaving from 45 Clinton Street, Delaware City DE 19706 )
Dates: Fridays, Saturdays in October – October 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, 2016
Hours: 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. tours (exception- Oct 29 – 9:30 tour only)
Tel: 302- 834-7941

For Regional Accommodations, Restaurants and Attractions: visitwilmingtonde.com

Cosmos Tour: Prague Vienna Budapest – Prague Underground Tunnels

Prague is the only capital city which has 90 km of underground tunnels (called kolektory) in a huge network including gas and steam pipes, water mains, to a pneumatic postal service, high and low voltage cables, telecommunications cables and also special networks connecting individual companies. Some are 30-40 meters underground, and a special train runs on five-km routes transporting pipes, metal parts and other components here and there.

You can tour them.


US: Allegiant Air Cheap Flights and Cell Plan

Allegiant Air makes leisure travel affordable and convenient by offering low fares, nonstop, all-jet service without the hassle of major airports. The savings can be up to 72% on your flight but also a few bucks on your cell phone plan too.

Ever racked up a large cell phone bill while traveling? Allegiant, in partnership with Roam Mobility, offers a roaming plan that undercuts the big three carriers by more than 90%. Allegiant passengers can purchase daily-unlimited talk and text plans from $3 and data rates from 6 cents a megabyte from the in-flight crew to avoid “roam rage”.

If you sign up for their e-mails, you will get location specific sales – only deals pertaining to your closest airport. Besides flights, there are specials on hotels, car rental and show tickets. You will only get information on Tuesdays, so it’s easy to check then.

You can fly Allegiant to warm winter destinations like Florida, Las Vegas,  Arizona, California, Mexico and Hawaii.