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Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein From the Bus


Mountain scenes go on forever.

Switzerland, Lucerne: Peeking Through to the Lush Field


Lush green fields for the cows to graze in in Switzerland. Making milk for chocolate?

Switzerland, Lucerne: Swan Lake


Clear blue and green water for the swans to swim in in Switzerland.

Switzerland, Lucerne: We’re Really in Switzerland


Just minutes apart, the clouds roll in and change the scene significantly in Lucerne, Switzerland.

France, Paris: Houseboats on the Seine


To us, finding people living on houseboats was surprising. It does seem though, like an inexpensive and fun way to live in Paris.

France, Paris: Do You See a Bride?


We thought we were taking a photo of a photo of a bride while on our Bateau Mouche ride on the Seine. However, when we examined the photo at home, we noticed the man in the left corner with his back to us. What do you think he was doing?

Austria, Innsbruck: What a Place to Take a Nap in the Sunshine


 Sometimes you just get overwhelmed by the expansive beauty and have to lay your head down to absorb it all.


France, Paris: Comfy Ferry Seating


Ferries from London to Paris are way beyond what we thought. There are different restaurants, shops, arcade, and quite a number of types of seating including couches, arm chairs, banquettes and this lounger, our favorite. Two people can lie really really comfortably.

Great Britain, London: Flower Wall at the Shard


Who would expect flowers to be growing on the wall of the 72nd floor of a building? Great photo op at the Top of the Shard in London.

Austria, Wattens, Innsbruck: Crystal Clouds at Crystal World

Real clouds mingle with Swarovski Crystal Clouds at Crystal World, Austria.