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US: Seattle, WA – Inside Seattle Public Library

Even the rides on the escalators inside the Seattle Public Library have artistically beautiful views.

US: Seattle, WA – Window View in Seattle Public Library

Geometrically fun squared looking at the sky from inside the Seattle Public Library.

US: Seattle, WA – Meet Bill Gates

We got to “meet Bill Gates” at the Gates Foundation in Seattle, WA. Through talking screens, we learned about him and the problems he and his wife are trying to solve around the world. Fascinating.

US: Seattle, WA – Biringer Farm Original Strawberry Shortcake

Loved the original street food found in Seattle, WA. In this one we watched the layering of a strawberry shortcake in a cup – and then we ATE it! Yum


US: Seattle, WA – Umbrellas in the Sky

Yes it rains a lot in Seattle so why not an umbrella sculpture?


US: Seattle, WA – Facing You

Rainbow glass art in Seattle. It’s called Facing You by Marvin Oliver.


US: Seattle, WA – Seattle’s Space Needle from the Highway

That first glimpse of the Space Needle is always exciting when you are driving in to Seattle.

US: Seattle, WA – Chief Seattle

8935 and 8934

Bet ya didn’t know that Seattle was named after Chief Seattle, a Suquamish and Duwamish chief who pursued a path of accommodation with European settlers.



US: Seattle, WA – Seattle Cityscape

A slice of the architecture through the decades in Seattle.


US: Seattle, WA – Seattle’s Pike’s Place Public Market

Not many public markets have quite the view as Seattle’s. It’s a warren of corridors, be prepared to get lost and have lots of yummy adventures amongst the fishmongers, produce stalls, craft stands and specialty food shops. This 108-year-old farmers’ market has become a Seattle tourist attraction which draws in more than 10 million visitors annually.