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New Zealand: Auckland Domain – A Street Named Stanley

When your name is Stanley, it’s a bit of a thrill to have a street named after you…This one is in Auckland, New Zealand.

US: Seattle – Wings over Washington

Thought this was chicken wings joint as it is in the area of the Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. Boy was I wrong – it’s a flight simulator which focuses on scenery rather than stomach-churning dips. The life-like soaring vignettes from the ocean to the forest to the mountains are enhanced by effects like a light mist spray near Snoqualmie Falls and a pine scent in the woods.

US: Seattle – Ferris Wheel in Seattle

A different view of the ferris wheel over the Seattle waterfront.

US: Seattle – Chief Seattle Fountain

Even way back in 1909, the city of Seattle made sure to honor Chief Seattle, its namesake, with this fountain.


US: Seattle – Remembering Chief Seattle

Poster reminding us who lived here first. “Chief Seattle Now the Streets are our Home”

US: Seattle, WA – Remember Those Who Came Before You

“Far away brothers and sisters we still remember you” is a poster found in downtown Seattle.

US: Seattle, WA – Glass Views of Underground

The purple glass squares were set into the pavement to shed light on the city below the city. New Seattle was built on top of old Seattle when a fire destroyed the central business district on June 6, 1889.

US: Seattle, WA – Bird’s Eye View of Seattle

Birds always have a great view from above. In Seattle, by the waterfront, they can see the Olympic mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the city and sky. 

US: Seattle, WA – Boozy Seattle Fire June 6, 1889

This pole of newspaper plates reminds us of the Great Seattle Fire which destroyed the entire central business district on June 6, 1889. The fire started in the basement of a downtown building and lasted for less than a day. It quickly spread to the Dietz & Mayer Liquor Store, which exploded, the Crystal Palace Saloon, and the Opera House Saloon. Fueled by alcohol, the entire block from Madison to Marion was on fire and Seattle’s water supply could not cope. You can take a tour of Underground. Seattle as the city was rebuilt on top of the old ruins.

US: Seattle, WA – Hammering Man Statue in Seattle

About a dozen Hammering Man statues can be found around the world. This is the one we found in Seattle, WA. Jonathan Borofsky designed these huge kinetic sculptures as a silhouette a man who has a motorized arm and hammer. In each city they are different sizes but always painted black; They symbolize and celebrate workers all over the world.