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New Zealand: Hamilton Gardens – Maori Garden

Here is the traditional entrance to the Te Parapara Garden in Hamilton Gardens, NZ. Notice the carved face sticking out his tongue. This is a gesture you would see in Maori dancing and is a method of intimidating invaders.

New Zealand: Waitakere – Entrance to Arataki Visitor Centre in Waitakere NZ

This impressive 11-metre high pou (post) stands outside the Arataki Visitor Centre as a guardian to the centre and Waitakere ranges. The whakairo (carvings) are carved from Kauri trees by Te Kawerau Maki, the local mana whenua (guardians of the land). The story it tells is of their ancestors.

Italy, Rome: Vatican Entrance, Rome

Entrance to the Vatican Museums. Michelangelo’s ceilings in the Sistine Chapel is right near here.

France, Paris: Thar She Blow – The Eiffel Tower


Now surrounded by security fences, and an airport-like clearance entrance, some of the freedom, joy, or innocence of the her majesty is lost.

US: Miami, Florida – Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

This is the statue of Bel Vizcaya, who was not actually a real person. He was dreamed up by James Deering, who designed Vizcaya in the early 1900’s, and he stands at the entrance to the grounds.

Vizcaya Statue