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New Zealand: Northern Island- Hamilton Gardens, Northern Island, NZ

Invoking the floral colours of an intricate Indian rug, the Indian Char Bagh Garden at Hamilton Gardens definitely has the feel of India. A bagh is an enclosed 4-part garden 8 -18th century Muslim world Asia to north Africa to Spain, paradise gardens universal garden became a distinctive art form in 16 & 17th century under mughal Rulers and then Hindu aristocracy poetic secret pleasure gardens feel breezes, hear water gurgling perfume of flowers real living carpet.


US: Seattle, WA – Chihuly Garden and Glass Building

Cheerful giant glass sunflowers decorate the outside of the famous Chihuly Garden and Glass museum in Seattle. If you like these, wait till you see what’s inside. And don’t miss the garden.

US: Seattle, WA – Hall of Glass Chandeliers

Look up when you walk through this corridor at the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum in Seattle, WA. You can pick the colored chandelier of your dreams.

US: Seattle, WA – Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, WA

Bushes don’t get as beautiful as this Dave Chihuly glass one in Seattle WA . 

US: Seattle, WA – Dave Chihuly Garden

In Seattle, these flowers never die as they have been created by Dave Chihuly and made out of glass. To us they are just as pretty as real ones.

Soothing Japanese Gardens in Florida

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens will clear your head from the buzz of I-95.  You have to walk slowly, deliberately, in order to appreciate the sculpture of leaves, bushes, flowers and branches which are painstakingly maintained. In 200 acres, you will walk Roji-en, through the centuries: Shinden Garden (9th-12th), Paradise Garden (13th &14th), Early Rock garden (14th), Lake Rock Garden (15th), Flat Garden (16 th &17th) and the  Modern Romantic Garden (19th-20th) as well as thru towering bamboo, waterfalls and bonsai, of course.Gardensmall

There are exhibition rooms on art, history, and Japanese culture and you might be able to enjoy a tea ceremony if you arrive at the right time.

The gardens were donated by George Sukeji Morikami of the the Yamato colony, an early 20th century Japanese farming settlement in Florida. In the original building, you can learn about the colony and see Japan Through the Eyes of a Child: school supplies, kitchen, bullet train and a bathroom toilet which washes your butt.

The gift shop sells tea sets, origami, abacus, calligraphy brushes, chopstick rests, kimonos and cool Piperoid Robography. You can dine gloriously in the Cornell Cafe and Tea House with its pan-Asian food overlooking gardens.

4000 Morikami Park Rd, Delray Beach
Hours:  T-Sun 10-5
IconT 561-495-0233