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New Zealand: Otorohanga – Immigrant Cows in New Zealand

Neither cows, nor any other animals were native to New Zealand. They were all brought in by the British and other explorers when they arrived here.

New Zealand: Hamilton Gardens – All Kinds of Gardens at Hamilton Gardens, NZ

This fun animal pool garden is just one of creative gardens in the Hamilton Gardens. Some of the others are: English Flower Garden, Italian Renaissance Garden, Te Parapara Garden, Japanese Garden of Contemplation, Tudor Garden and Indian Char Bagh Garden.

New Zealand: Hamilton Gardens – Traditional Maori Garden in New Zealand

In the Te Parapara Garden in Hamilton Gardens, NZ, traditional (to Maori) rare kuumara (sweet potato) varieties are planted on puke (mounds) in the summer and then harvested. 

New Zealand: North Island – Tree Top Walk in New Zealand

New Zealand has lots of trees to walk around in, and on top of. If you climb up here you can get a bird’s eye view of the lush landscape. 

New Zealand: North Island – Vistas

It almost seems like every turn you take in New Zealand you see another green and lush vista.

New Zealand: Rotorua – Maori Land

Smoke from thermal pits were and are a feature of the terrain around Rotorua, New Zealand, especially in the indigenous Maori land. It made cooking pretty darn easy.


New Zealand: Rotorua – Three Coins in a Water Pool

Younger generations of Maori are still involved in showing off the traditions of the indigenous people. In Whakerewarewa this boy was brave enough to jump into frigid water for coins the visitors threw in.

New Zealand: Rotorua

Situated around the center of the Northern Island of New Zealand is where you find remnants of the Maori lifestyle of hundreds of years. The area is lush with trees and waterways so it was easy for them to live here.


Canada: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario – Photo of Three of the Group of Seven

Here are three of the famous Canadian Group of Seven painters who started painting the Algoma scenery starting in 1918 with J.E.H. Macdonald. The others in the group are: Lawren Harris, Franklin Carmichael, A.Y. Jackson, Franz Johnson, Arhur Lismer, and Frederick Varley. They hitched a boxcar onto the Agawa Canyon train going up to the mines in Northern Ontario.

Canada: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario – Inside Group of Seven Boxcar

The Group of Seven were Canadian painters who, in the early 20th century, especially enjoyed painting Canadian scenery. A few at a time, the men would live in this spartan boxcar which would get hitched to a train. They would be let off on a rail siding for a few days to paint scenery to their hearts content.