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US: Seattle, WA – Walking Dead Heads

In the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame at MoPop in Seattle, you can oogle the heads used in the Walking Dead film.

US: Seattle, WA – Switch On Frankenstein

Here’s the Hollywood Switchboard used in the movie, Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. It was created and used by Kenneth Strickfaden. Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft must have had fun using his Microsoft money to buy important film props.

US: Seattle, WA – At MoPop – Star Wars Light Saber in Person

Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft used a tiny bit of his earnings to collect film props. Not surprised that he wanted Darth Vadar’s Light Saber from the Empire Strikes Back and Darth Maul’s Light Saber from the Phantom Menace, Episode 1. Wouldn’t you want it too? You can see it at MoPop in Seattle, WA.

US: Seattle, WA – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

You can “hang out” with the ideas and achievements of Bill and Melinda Gates when you visit this headquarters in Seattle, WA.

US: Seattle, WA – Miracle Toilet Shown at Gates Foundation

Cranford University has helped the Gates Foundation by inventing a toilet which does not require water, sewer or electricity. Their goal is to contain, remove, treat and dispose of waste safely. This is a godsend for the remote communities which they are helping.

US: Seattle, WA – Innovation in Toilets at Gates Foundation

Meet the Nano Membrane Toilet which does not require water, sewer or electricity, to safely treat human waste. Not only that – but IT generates both electricity and water. Approximately 2.3 billion people in the world do not have access to toilets. This leads to soil contamination and the spread of diseases. This toilet contains, removes, treats and disposes of waste.

US: Seattle, WA – Meet Bill Gates

We got to “meet Bill Gates” at the Gates Foundation in Seattle, WA. Through talking screens, we learned about him and the problems he and his wife are trying to solve around the world. Fascinating.