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US: Seattle, WA – Front Windows of Victory Clipper

You can get great views if you sit in the comfy chairs in the front lounge of the Victoria Clipper as it speeds along from Victoria, BC to Seattle, WA. See if you can spot the iconic Seattle Space Needle on the horizon.

US: Seattle, WA – View of Seattle Skyline

On the Victoria Clipper in the Puget Sound, you catch the first exciting glimpse of Seattle’s skyline. Do you think Peter Puget who discovered it while on George Vancouver’s expedition, was as excited? Do you see the Space Needle?

US: Seattle, WA – Ferry British Columbia to Seattle, Washington

The Victoria Clipper is a speedy and fun way to zip across the water from Victoria, British Columbia in Canada to Seattle, Washington in the US. 

Italy, Venice: Gondola Parking

Never thought about where you park your gondola when you are off work. Notice the other boats tucked along the buildings. Front doors are often on the canals.

Italy, Venice: Wide Venetian Canal

Not all the canals in Venice are narrow. Some are broad highways. See if you can find the tip of a gondola in this one.

Liechtenstein, Vaduz: Tram in Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Easy to ride the streets in Vaduz, Liechtenstein in the tram.

Great Britain, London: London Taxis


Inside the cool new black London taxis with their delightful driver info. You can always can count on them being available even when Uber isn’t… And prices aren’t much different.

Austria, Innsbruck: Bike Parking in Innsbruck Train Station


Innsbruck makes it easy to be green and drive your bike right to the train station – and park it inside a bike parking garage! Why don’t more cities have this?

Austria, Innsbruck: Innsbruck Has Bike Washing Stations


How sweet to find these bike washing stations around Innsbruck, Austria.


Austria, Innsbruck: Nordkette Cable Car in Innsbruck


Transportation up the mountain in Innsbruck is easy and fast. The Nordkette cable car starts right in the middle of the tourist district.