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US: Seattle, WA – Front Windows of Victory Clipper

You can get great views if you sit in the comfy chairs in the front lounge of the Victoria Clipper as it speeds along from Victoria, BC to Seattle, WA. See if you can spot the iconic Seattle Space Needle on the horizon.

US: Seattle, WA – View of Seattle Skyline

On the Victoria Clipper in the Puget Sound, you catch the first exciting glimpse of Seattle’s skyline. Do you think Peter Puget who discovered it while on George Vancouver’s expedition, was as excited? Do you see the Space Needle?

Switzerland, Lucerne: We’re Really in Switzerland


Just minutes apart, the clouds roll in and change the scene significantly in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Austria, Innsbruck: What a Place to Take a Nap in the Sunshine


 Sometimes you just get overwhelmed by the expansive beauty and have to lay your head down to absorb it all.


Austria, Innsbruck: Snowball Catch in August


Bring gloves along for the fabulous feeling of throwing snowballs in August. Ride the Nordkette cable car in Innsbruck to the end and frolic in the snow.


Austria, Innsbruck: Relaxing Near the Sky


In Innsbruck Austria, you can easily take the in-town Nordkette cable car up to the top of the mountain – and just relax at the edge of the sky.