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US: Rocky Mountains – – Flying West to San Francisco

Rocky mountains and glacier lakes are always thrilling to see from the window of an airplane.

US: Seattle, WA – Front Windows of Victory Clipper

You can get great views if you sit in the comfy chairs in the front lounge of the Victoria Clipper as it speeds along from Victoria, BC to Seattle, WA. See if you can spot the iconic Seattle Space Needle on the horizon.

US: Seattle, WA – View of Seattle Skyline

On the Victoria Clipper in the Puget Sound, you catch the first exciting glimpse of Seattle’s skyline. Do you think Peter Puget who discovered it while on George Vancouver’s expedition, was as excited? Do you see the Space Needle?

US: Seattle, WA – Chihuly’s Macchia Forest Room

Macchia Forest was created when Dale Chihuly noticed that stained glass windows look better on cloudy days. He developed a method of placing a thin white cloud between the glass colors to achieve a more vibrant effect.

US: Seattle, WA – The Seattle Public Library

How cool is this little study area inside the architecturally stunning Seattle Public Library.

US: Seattle, WA – Window View in Seattle Public Library

Geometrically fun squared looking at the sky from inside the Seattle Public Library.

Canada: Toronto, Ontario – Mural Near Dog Park

Fun Trompe d’oeil mural on wall near a dog park in downtown Toronto. So cool that a bride and groom are taking photos here. Maybe they have a doggie? Some of the windows are real. Can you tell which ones?


Italy, Venice: Bridge of Sighs, Venice

The Bridge of Sighs is named for the sighs of the prisoners who were interrogated and charged in the Doge’s Palace building and had to walk across the canal on this bridge to the New Prison. The white limestone decorated bridge is enclosed but has windows with stone bars; It passes over the Rio di Palazzo.

France, Paris: Notre-Dame Cathedral


Notre-Dame Cathedral is a architectural masterpiece and you really need to walk around the outside of it to appreciate it all. It was begun in 1160 and completed by 1260. Just think about how long ago that was and here it still stands so magnificently; What are we building today that will last that long? This medieval Catholic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in Paris is still widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture with its innovative use of the rib vault and flying buttress, the gargoyles and the enormous and colorful rose windows.

France, Paris: Eiffel Tower from Hotel Window


How often do you get to wake up in the morning, look out your window and see the Eiffel Tower greeting you? Or graphics of Notre Dame Cathedrale putting you to sleep at night? We enjoyed the modern Novotel 14 Porte d’Orleans on a Trafalgar Costsaver tour.